What Type of Customer Support Does Your Business Offer?

When it comes to customer service, businesses need to find the right balance between simplicity and sophistication to align their teams and technology around what matters most to their customers. Automating processes and managing clients effectively is essential for any business, and BMC Client Management 12 provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that allow you to discover, configure, manage and protect all your IT endpoints. For some B2B companies, email customer service is a good option as the nature of their customer service isn't really urgent. However, it's important to maintain a good first response time, even if the resolution may take longer.

Self-service can also be a great addition to your business if you already offer support via live chat. It's ideal for companies that receive service requests that involve repetitive activity for their employees, such as requests for reimbursements and billing, product configuration questions, etc. The best customer service software for teams that provide support through Slack is Zendesk. It allows you to reduce duplication of work, track customer inquiries, coordinate a response between multiple teams, and provide up-to-date answers. Web-based customer service tools are generally easier to implement than desktop software, and Zoho Desk also has a knowledge base in which customers can search for answers and tutorials about their products or services on their own. Customer service software platforms cover a wide range of functions, which can generally be classified into six main areas of focus.

These include tracking customer inquiries, providing up-to-date answers, reducing duplication of work, coordinating responses between multiple teams, creating and managing knowledge bases, and using AI to help narrow down answers. Small businesses can start with the free tier of “Sprout” to greatly improve their customer service experience for both agents and customers. Sprout Social helps facilitate conversations across all social media channels through its combination of sales, support, marketing, social media monitoring and engagement features. Hootsuite is another robust global tool for service operations with its wide range of features and large library of integrations. Executives, managers and agents are rethinking how they define customer service as traditional customer service is far from being obsolete. The right balance between simplicity and sophistication is needed to align large teams and technology around what matters most to their customers.

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