What Computer Services Are Covered by a Warranty or Guarantee?

When you purchase a laptop, you may be offered a warranty or guarantee. But what exactly does this cover? Generally, warranties are limited to manufacturing defects and do not cover theft, damage, or data loss. The length of the warranty and who pays for shipping costs for repairs can vary. Apple offers a strong warranty that includes help from technicians and employees at their retail stores.

Dell's Alienware line of gaming computers offers on-site coverage. Most new computers come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty that covers manufacturing defects only. It is important to research the reliability and service ratings of the laptop to get an idea of what the warranty covers. When buying a car, home, or major appliance, you may be offered an extended warranty or service contract.

With the extended warranty from the manufacturer, you can receive same-day service or replacement anywhere in the world. You can receive replacement, repair, or service of the product by sending your device to Apple or taking it to one of their retail stores or to a certified repair point. After five years, most equipment has outlived its useful life and replacement should be considered.Eclipse Consulting is an IT service provider in Michigan that serves businesses in the Detroit metropolitan area and provides remote services across the country. Among their lines of gaming laptops and desktops, buyers can expect longer coverage such as Acer's commercial and gaming desktops or extended coverage for spills and accidents like Republic of Gaming computers.

However, the lack of Google outlets for repairs and the fact that the warranty does not cover delivery of the service makes this warranty less useful than average. If you don't have access to same-day service warranties offered by manufacturers, you may have to wait days or weeks to receive repairs.It is important to note that warranties will not help in cases of defective parts that are considered consumables such as batteries nor will it cover aesthetic damage or damage caused by other products including cables, mice, or other third-party accessories connected to the device. The business line of laptops from TravelMates has two years of coverage which is more than most business-model computers.

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