What Are the Additional Fees for Computer Services?

When you hire a managed IT services provider, they will typically quote you a monthly fee. This fee is based on the number of devices that need maintenance, backup, and other services. An example of a business investment that requires careful consideration of the total cost of ownership is the purchase of a new computer system. The initial cost of the system is just one factor to consider.

For instance, IBM has only seven administrators to manage 200,000 Macs, compared to the twenty administrators needed to manage an equivalent number of Windows devices. As most core services have become cloud-based and multi-platform, the cost difference between Macs and PCs is now minimal. In the past, organizations often had to link their computers to directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory. However, modern IT landscapes have changed significantly in recent years.

In addition to the hardware and license for your identity provider or legacy directory service, you may also need to license other services that your users need for their work. These services include technical consulting, backup solutions, computer repair, routine maintenance, and network support. For example, Jamf Pro includes all these services at no extra cost beyond the license fee per device.

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